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  • Young, Liz (2018-05)
    Flipping through a newspaper or skimming through a magazine is often times a mindless task. Readers wait for something to catch their eye. A snappy headline grabs their attention, but so does something else: the way the ...
  • Weingart, Valerie (2018-05)
    The task of incorporating music into an Honors Humanities course can be daunting to anyone who is not a musician, for the language of music and music theory can seem incomprehensible to those unfamiliar with it. But, ...
  • Walker, Vincent (2018-05)
    It appears at first glance as though truth is no longer relevant in a post-2016 presidential election. Indeed, many indicators suggest that the candidates, the political system, and society itself are becoming less trustworthy ...
  • Tuchman, Courtney (2108-05)
    The most marvelously crafted screenplay in the world is nothing if casted with bland, flat characters. Group dynamics are some of the most challenging, yet most important realistic qualities a writer must capture in her ...
  • Trepton, Lindsey (2018-05)
    Dance is seldom associated with mathematics. Yet, dance formations, the arrangement of the performers on stage, are based upon clever number manipulation. The primary factor of a formation is its number of performers. Once ...

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