Undergraduate Honors Theses


The collection includes honors theses submitted to the Honors College by Ball State University undergraduate students in partial fulfillment of degree requirements.

Recent Submissions

  • Wright, Andrew Smith (2015-05)
    The ICE Basketball League had its inaugural season starting on February 7, 2015, and it lasted six weeks until March 14,2015. The league was designed for seventh and eighth graders in Muncie Community Schools. It required ...
  • Weller-Passman, Ru-Lee Story (2015-05)
    A play cannot be revised in a vacuum; after the first draft, it is imperative that the playwright is able to get the play up on its feet and hear it in order to hone and sculpt the dialogue. Such was the case with this new ...
  • Warfield, Casiana (2015-05)
    The author investigated the conflicting predictions of role congruity theory and expectancy violation theory within the context of elite leadership. Because the current data illustrate female underrepresentation in higher ...
  • Wardle, Amy Jenae (2015-05)
    The National Weather Service (NWS) has implemented a false-alarm reduction goal as part of its plan for a weather-ready nation. To comply with this, the NWS forecast office in Birmingham, AL has been creating new parameters ...
  • Vellenga, Katherine (2015-05)
    In traditional poetry, it is quite common to see discussions of love and the emotions related to romance and passion. However, it is nearly unheard of to see these same poetic features used to illustrate and discuss ...

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