Undergraduate Honors Theses


The collection includes honors theses submitted to the Honors College by Ball State University undergraduate students in partial fulfillment of degree requirements.

Recent Submissions

  • Yorko, Amy (2014-05)
    The purpose of this thesis is to determine if the type of sorority housing proposed through the development of The Greek Village Project will meet the needs of the Kappa Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi at Ball State University. ...
  • Wurdeman, Anna (2014-05)
    In American studies of the Holocaust, we may learn about anti-Semitic propaganda issued by the Nazis, or perhaps read an illustration of what Jewish life was like during this violent and oppressive regime. Less well known, ...
  • Wilber, Nicole (2014-05)
    The present study examined high school students' beliefs about the responsibilities of school counselors in the domains of academic advising, counseling and referrals, and college and career planning. Twenty eight patticipants ...
  • Weir, Whitney (2014-05)
    Alpha Kappa Psi is a co-ed professional business fraternity at Ball State University. The fraternity utilizes Chapter Meetings and various events such as Professional, Social, and Fundraising efforts to increase membership ...
  • Wehmiller, Ashely D. (2014-05)
    Baron Haussmann was named Prefect of the Seine Department in France by Napoleon III in 1853, and he began transforming Paris into a modern city. He created parks for recreation and large public squares and markets, lined ...

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