Optical and luminescence properties of erbium, ytterbium and terbium doped in aluminum nitride

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dc.contributor.advisor Maqbool, Muhammad
dc.contributor.author Corn, Tyler R.
dc.date.accessioned 2011-06-09T15:25:38Z
dc.date.available 2011-06-09T15:25:38Z
dc.date.created 2010-07-24 en_US
dc.date.issued 2010-07-24
dc.identifier.uri http://cardinalscholar.bsu.edu/handle/123456789/193298
dc.description.abstract Studies have been done to determine rare-earth elements’ optical and luminescent properties using wide bandgap nitride semiconductors as suitable hosts. Research done here will contribute to the information needed to further study rare-earth elements and their unique properties. Thin films of rare-earth elements erbium, terbium, ytterbium, and both erbium and ytterbium doped into AlN are studied by laser excitation. A 532 nm Nd: YAG green laser and 783nm crystal infrared laser are used for excitation in conjunction with a spectrometer to measure photoluminescence. With the 532 nm laser, AlN: Er emits peaks at 554 nm, 561 nm, and 1552 nm, AlN: Tb emits peaks at 549 nm and 562 nm, AlN: Yb emits peaks at 966 nm, and co-doped AlN: ErYb contains peaks including both AlN: Er and AlN: Yb. Energy transfer occurred from Er to Yb resulting in an increased magnitude and peak shift. The 783 nm laser gave peaks at 1563nm for AlN: Er, 1508 nm and 1533 nm for AlN: Tb, and 1567nm for AlN: ErYb. No detectable peaks were given for AlN: Yb. A peak shift was detected in comparison of AlN: Er and AlN: ErYb. A magnetic field of 1000 G was applied to AlN: ErYb resulting in an increase in intensity of the major peak at 561nm with a splitting, creating a secondary peak at 564.5 nm. Biomedical applications can be used from the high penetration ability of lower wavelength lasers and the use of a magnetic field, which is not harmful to the human body. Enhanced green emission in erbium can be useful in future optical, photonic, and electrical devices.
dc.description.sponsorship Department of Physics and Astronomy
dc.subject.lcsh Erbium -- Optical properties.
dc.subject.lcsh Ytterbium -- Optical properties.
dc.subject.lcsh Terbium -- Optical properties.
dc.subject.lcsh Doped semiconductors.
dc.subject.lcsh Aluminum nitride.
dc.title Optical and luminescence properties of erbium, ytterbium and terbium doped in aluminum nitride en_US
dc.description.degree Thesis (M.S.)
dc.identifier.cardcat-url http://liblink.bsu.edu/catkey/1604325

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