An aubade : set design for Muncie Civic Theatre

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dc.contributor.advisor Chiuini, Michele Collins, John M. en_US 2011-06-03T19:36:45Z 2011-06-03T19:36:45Z 1998 en_US 1998
dc.identifier LD2489.Z52 1998 .C65 en_US
dc.description.abstract IF YOU REALLY want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is what is this thesis all about? Since you are reading the abstract, that means one of two things, either you want to see what is ahead, to gain some overall perspective before delving int6 the meat of the report, or. more likely you want a condensed version of the material of the report so you don't have to read all the text that you saw while flipping through on your initial glance. For those of you who read no text past this abstract. you are probably like me, and have come to expect a bunch of mindless dribble that is used to fill space on a page and make the author look like they know what the hell they're talking about when they really don't. As the deadline nears for this project I'm sure that my inability to get things done will result in some of this extraneous text that I mentioned just a moment ago appearing throughout various portions of this thesis book. But I do believe there is a certain segment of this book, and my project, which provides some genuine insight into the nature of architectural expression. It deals with the design of a stage set for a production at Muncie Civic Theatre. Approximately 2. 400 people viewed the project over the run of the show. Very few of those people will ever see this book, or realize some of the deeper issues which my project has addressed, in fact many of the issues that I address within this report deal with situations and experiences revealed well after the date the set was actually "finished" from the audiences standpoint. Such it is with architecture... the true essence of your design comes to life after the time that we as a profession deem the project "past the point of substantial completion." In actuality this point marks the birth of your creation and the subsequent use of your design is when the magic takes place. This is a story about people interacting with spaces... Architecture is dependent upon people, and must ultimately be judged by its impact upon our lives.So please take a few minutes to share in the experiences that I have nicely condensed into this book for you to contemplate. This whole book is an abstract for a semester in the life of an architecture student coming to grips with the world of design.
dc.description.sponsorship College of Architecture and Planning
dc.format.extent 37 leaves : ill. ; 22 x 29 cm. en_US
dc.source Virtual Press en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Architecture. en_US
dc.title An aubade : set design for Muncie Civic Theatre en_US
dc.type Undergraduate 5th year College of Architecture and Planning thesis. Thesis (B. Arch.)
dc.identifier.cardcat-url en_US

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