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dc.contributor.advisor Wyman, John E. Williams, Douglas A. en_US 2011-06-03T19:50:17Z 2011-06-03T19:50:17Z 1994 en_US 1994
dc.identifier LD2489.Z52 1994 .W54 en_US
dc.description.abstract The Fort Wayne Regional Airport will serve as the primary commercial vehicle for the surrounding communities. The new regional airport will consolidate the aviation activities in the area. This will result in better services for the user and the consolidation of commercial service will result in better schedules and frequencies for the passenger.The higher revenues, lower overall operational and maintenance costs, and possibly even lower capital costs, could result in a self-sufficient airport operation. If this is not feasible, at least the distribution of airport costs over a larger population is a distinct advantage.The airport will help facilitate the increased economic growth within the area. The airport will be approximately fifty five percent rentable space which will attract a variety of businesses to the area. Also, with the introduction of the new airport to the area, some of the inconvenience and timeliness that occurs in other forms of transportation will be alleviated.The vary nature of an airport's complexity makes it necessary to isolate its various parts. Therefore, to summarize the function of the airport facility, the terminal will be basically divided into its three primary parts.The first of these parts is the main terminal building. The main terminal consist primarily of the areas which directly relate to the passenger. The second part is the administrative building. This portion of the facility will accommodate the business relations and training needs of the facility and airline management. The third part is the maintenance building. The portion of the facility will accommodate the non-passenger operations.These various parts interact and support each other to create a dynamic facility which responds to and serves the needs of the users. The overall facility will serve as a place for arrival and departure of travelers and cargo. The facility will become an ending point as well as a transfer point for many business and recreational travelers.The size and character of the airport will be responsive to the surrounding context and culture. The airport passenger terminal, probably like no other public building, must not only accommodate numerous and diverse functions but must also be responsive to many changes. As the community grows and demands more from the facility, the facility will grow to accommodate the communities needs. The economic health and successfulness of the operations of the airport depends on the cooperation of the surrounding communities. With the help of the community, the problems of noise, air pollution, and ecological balance will be minimized with proper site planning and building design. Today most airports, due to excessive land requirements and noise restrictions, tend to be placed on flat abandoned stretches of land. When airports were first built, this was acceptable. People would come from miles around to see the big birds come and go with the wind. However, in the todays society with ever changing technology, the spark of flight has dimmed. Other than those who are enplaning or deplaning, it appears that only a handful of people actually travel to their local airport for any other reason.The interior of the Fort Wayne Regional Airport shall convey an image which enhances and accommodates the function within. The interior detailing shall create a comfortable environment for those who pass. The passenger flow shall be emphasized in the details. The barrier free interior planning shall allow maximum movement and convenience to all users.The main public spaces should convey a grand image for mass public gathering and transportation. The secondary spaces dedicated to waiting type functions shall convey an image of comfort, relaxation, and be suited more to the scale of the human body. The passenger, while being in a strange environment, shall feel at ease while being in the space.The number and ethnic backgrounds of the passengers who will use the facility are great. The various amenities, concessions and restaurant atmospheres shall convey a multi-cultural image.The exterior image shall explore, but not emulate, the aspects of flight technology and history. The materials shall be of a high technology and durable standard. The materials shall compliment each other in breaking down the scale of the building as one moves closer.The overall building shall become a steak in the landscape for the surrounding communities to grasp on to. The terminal shall serve as a civic gateway to the Midwest. A commanding presence of the airport image shall rival that of the aircraft that dock and nurse off the terminal. On one hand, the terminal shall command a powerful presence. However, on the other hand, it shall not function as an untouchable island. The design shall respect all areas of the surrounding community (i.e. residential, commercial, industrial).The attractiveness of the airport community must be recaptured. There must be other attractions, that are convenient to the general public as well as integrated within the fabric and planning of the airport area. These facilities must interact, but not impede with the functionality of the airport.While the focus of this thesis is the airport design, it is critical to consider the planning issues behind the added attractions. The proposed additions to the airport park are a Aeronautical Museum, Market Center, & a formal Restaurant.
dc.description.sponsorship College of Architecture and Planning
dc.format.extent 39 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. en_US
dc.source Virtual Press en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Architecture. en_US
dc.title Fort Wayne Regional Airport en_US
dc.type Undergraduate 5th year College of Architecture and Planning thesis. Thesis (B. Arch.)
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