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Title: Poverty and psychological well-being in single, low-income mothers : a meta-analysis : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)
Other Titles: Poverty and psychological well-being in mothers
Authors: Hammans, Lindsie C.
Advisor: Slater, Greta Y.
Date of Object: 2010
Abstract: Women living in poverty face various stressors that are likely to affect their psychological well-being. The variable of being single or partnered also affects their states of psychological well-being. This meta-analysis attempts to answer the question, Are single mothers living in poverty at higher risk for problems with psychological well-being—such as depression and anxiety—than partnered mothers living in poverty? The meta-analysis focused on the main hypothesis that single women living at or below poverty levels were more likely to have depression or anxiety disorders than partnered women. After establishing the search criteria and collecting relevant articles, effect sizes were calculated for each study and variables were entered in SPSS 16.0 Student Edition. Descriptive and inferential statistics were calculated to examine the mean effects of depression and anxiety among studies about single and partnered women. A mean effect size of 0.36 resulted in significance levels that met the established level, so that the null hypothesis was rejected. The conclusions drawn by the study may be useful in directing further research on single and partnered women, especially in the areas of support systems, the use of mental health services, and developing efforts to help women living in poverty and facing depression.
CardCat URL: http://liblink.bsu.edu/uhtbin/catkey/1532807
Type: Undergraduate senior honors thesis
Degree: Thesis (B.?.)
Department: Honors College
Archival ID: A-338
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