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  • Kellner, Natalie (2017-05)
    Poetry is a beautiful manner of expression present throughout culture and history. Whether short and simple or extensive and detailed, poems are able to capture moments, feelings, and viewpoints in a way that is both ...
  • Widdifield, Courtney (2017-05)
    When a child dies, often times, the most neglected victim is the surviving sibling (s). Their grief is often overshadowed by the parental caregiver's needs and ideologies of the grieving process, leaving them in a state ...
  • Whitehair, Michele (2017-05)
    Writing a novel is more than having characters do something and creating a story arc. A novel also entails developing the characters themselves, and making sure the reader knows why the character is doing what they are ...
  • Virta, Chapin (2017-05)
    This thesis discusses trends of skills and habits gained by members of Greek Life during their undergraduate years. The prevalence of the same skills and habits are discussed for members of Greek Life post-graduation. ...
  • Tekulve, T. J. (2017-05)
    Poetry has been around for a while now, so naturally it can be difficult to find something new to say. Stereotypes have formed: the Shakespearean sonnet, the flowery love letter voice, fantastical images and ideas-while ...

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