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  • Tait, Gabriel; McCloskey, Shannon; Cruz, Emmanuel; Leary, Jayde; Cannady, Delaina; Paige, Rhoni; Fennell, Jayana; Ramos, Jaided; Lakes, Alex; Mathis, Lanele; Hanoman, Jacqueline; Jones, Gwendolyn; Crawford, Ingrid; Myers, Laura; Brown, Billy (2022)
    Ross Immersive is an immersive learning project funded by Ball State University. In this immersive learning opportunity, Ball State University's Ross Immersive Learning Team (NEWS 397) partnered with the Ross Community ...
  • Webster, Craig (2022)
    The immersive aspect of this semester’s class is to look at the Village Promenade Learning Lab and create an event that can use the space there for the benefit of those who are now living on the premises. This is a proposal ...
  • Berlund, Adam; Kuban, Adam (2022)
    This immersive learning project creates a website featuring an interactive map that details and promotes organizations operating sustainably in Indiana. Journalism students produced original media content highlighting ...
  • Hamilton, Emma; Concepción, David W.; Freiburger, Gatlin; Georgi, Grace; Gray, Parker; Johnson, Rachel; Lopez, Brianna; Brock, Benjamin; Green, Griffin; Lozano, Isabel; Miller, Melanie; Nicholson, Jozie; Arnold, Logan; Kirkpatrick, Meghan; Loth, Allison; Reinoehl, Isaac; Totten, Ashleigh (2022)
    Stance: An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal aims to enrich student learning by providing an opportunity for undergraduate students to have their original, scholarly work reviewed by and published in a ...
  • Harwood, Pam; Grootaert, Steven; Garduno, Alejandra Lagunas; Rheinheimer, Emily; Shetty, Shraddha; Wilson, Isaac; Elboraei, Nourhan; Archer, Mitchell; Barnhart, Savannah; Buening, Noah; Johnson, Kendall; Martella, Matt; Sarkar, Soumi; Collins, Tom; German, Carolyn; Fruchey, Dylan; Mote, Tanner; Timmons, Kayleigh; Hegbli, Emily; Murawski, Jessica; Zoran, Paige; Scott, Amber; Bone, Sara; Janik, Allison; Marlowe, Chris; Rice, Bailey; Miller, Melanie; Thurlow, Claire; Oeth, Keller; Nespo, Drayson; Getz, Morgan; Martin, Eva; Gobrogge, Kaitlin; Attallah, Sherif; Larkins, Autumn; Graff, Robert; Alfaro, Sarah; Johnson, Hailey; Strachan, Addison; Mikel, Addy; Weigel, Audrey; Seiber, Nik; Rajani, Shabnam (2022)
    Located in Muncie, Indiana, Ball State prides itself on being a student-centered, community- engaged, and sustainability focused public research university. Ball State transforms entrepreneurial learners into impactful ...

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