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  • Migoski, Tristan (2021-12)
    With the help of Dr. Keith Sweger, Professor of Bassoon at Ball State University, I put together a bassoon recital featuring works by Carl Maria von Weber, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Malcolm Arnold. The program included ...
  • Werner, Madeline (2021-07)
    Mindfulness and meditation have infiltrated the mainstream in the Western world in recent years, but mindfulness and meditation have been acknowledged and practiced for thousands of years. These concepts and practices ...
  • Vieyra, Olivia (2021-07)
    This thesis is a research paper about the opioid crisis in America with a focus on how it is hurting our youth. Questions that the independent research centered around are: What is the opioid crisis and who is it mostly ...
  • Turner, Samantha (2021-12)
    Art’s meaning is versatile and forever changing, and it represents cultural heritage and identity. Destroy art, and one can erase the cultural identity of a person or even a specific group. Consequently, art is targeted ...
  • Thomas, Andrew (2021-03)
    Lead Sigma is a startup company in Kansas City that is trying to build a sales pipeline so prospective customers are responded to quicker, resulting in more deals. Their mission is to “drive revenue growth and create ...

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