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  • Burdine, Allyssa (2019-05-04)
    Modern culture has developed a new form of mythology through comics, movies, and story telling that involves the re-mythologizing of medieval cultures, with modern re-interpretations of gods and how their journeys are ...
  • Bruening, Jesse (2019-05-04)
    Fraud is always around, whether people notice it or not. Fraud has led to changes within the accounting world for decades. Standards and regulations are constantly changing and evolving to prevent frauds from occurring. ...
  • Bravard, Alex (2019-05-04)
    Narrative has been a large part of all cultures dating back to the Ancient Mesopotamians and Greeks. It shapes our minds and the way we interact with others. Ever since I was a child, my family has told stories about my ...
  • Bower, Esther Sarah (2019-05-04)
    When it comes to the performing arts, most people view them as "just for fun" or something entertaining. In an interview from Dance Magazine. Garnet Henderson said people always say her job is enjoyable. A common response ...
  • Borchers, Adam (2018-05-05)
    The works of William Shakespeare have captivated an audience of countless millions since he first put ink to paper. Innumerable directors, dramatists, performers and designers have taken on the challenge of bringing his ...

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