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    Analyzing Affinities: Research on Personal and Instinctive Movement
    (2020-03) Lucas, Carly
    This project covers two semesters of creative research on movement affinities, which describe the way that an individual personally and instinctively moves in regard to dance improvisation. The research emphasizes that the way that a person moves is influenced by an infinite number of sources all the time, and that it is impossible for an artist to separate the essence of themselves from the work that they create.
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    Clinical Gait Analysis in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    (2020) Wu, Xinye; Wang, Henry; Dickin, Clark; Bassette, Laura
    Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often exhibit motor deficits. It was unclear how children and adolescences with ASD develop their gait patterns due to the possible motor deficits. In order to understand the mechanism of movement coordination in individuals with ASD, this study aimed to examine temporal spatial parameters and three-dimensional kinematic and kinetic gait mechanics exhibited by individuals with ASD. This study also assessed leg strength, a key determinant of gait quality. Eleven participants aged 8-17 with ASD were recruited. Eleven age-and-gender matched typically developing children and adolescents were recruited as the control group. Participants walked on a force-instrumented treadmill at a constant speed for five minutes while motion capture was performed via a 15-camera Vicon system. Following the walking task, participants performed maximal voluntary isometric contractions on a Cybex dynamometer to assess their knee muscle strength.
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    Music Exposure Levels on Campus
    (2020) Harvey, Jessica
    Music induced hearing loss is caused by exposure to excessive intensity levels of music. Marching band and pep band musicians are exposed to high intensity music levels as well as long durations due to multiple practices and performances.This study examined the Ball State University's marching and pep band members and their music exposure while providing a presentation on the findings with recommendations to protect their hearing health.
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    On The Nature of Healing: A Fractal Setting for Pediatric Trauma Therapy
    (2020) Mattson, Deborah
    This landscape architecture project addresses the need for a nature-based therapeutic environment for children in one-on-one and group trauma therapy. The proposed design will be a therapeutic setting for experiential cognitive-behavioral therapy. The design incorporates a unique design methodology by applying Kaplan’s elements of fascination and Hagerhall’s fractal theory to meet the needs of evidence-based therapeutic practices by using specific aspects of nature for psychological responses.
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    Forced Migration: Tales of Downward Mobility
    (2020-04) Orozco, Luis Eduardo
    Forced migration is referred to as the forcible displacement of people to new regions. When highly educated professionals are forcibly displaced, they need to cope with the challenge of integrating into the host country’s economic system. Unfortunately, being a well-educated immigrant does not automatically guarantee a professional job in most host countries. Barriers such as lack of work permits, unfamiliarity with the system, incomplete professional certifications, language limitations, and limited networking prevent them from incorporating into the host economy. Under these circumstances, many high-skilled new immigrants are practically forced to take low-skill and low-payment jobs, that are physically demanding. This phenomenon is known as downward mobility.