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    Visualizing the Ethnographic Voice of Community Revitalization
    (2022) Tait, Gabriel; McCloskey, Shannon; Cruz, Emmanuel; Leary, Jayde; Cannady, Delaina; Paige, Rhoni; Fennell, Jayana; Ramos, Jaided; Lakes, Alex; Mathis, Lanele; Hanoman, Jacqueline; Jones, Gwendolyn; Crawford, Ingrid; Myers, Laura; Brown, Billy
    Ross Immersive is an immersive learning project funded by Ball State University. In this immersive learning opportunity, Ball State University's Ross Immersive Learning Team (NEWS 397) partnered with the Ross Community Center and Muncie community residents. The community residents were tasked with creating visual ethnographies and engaging the community with photography. Ross Immersive worked this semester to highlight various cultures and traditions present in Muncie through the use of modern media. ​ Ross Immersive follows a research method called "Sight Beyond My Sight" created by Dr. Gabriel Tait. This research method offers an opportunity for the residents of Thomas Park/Avondale to share their perspectives of the neighborhood through a series of photographs. Starting in January, the team lent each participant a professional-grade Canon camera for two weeks. During those two weeks, community participants were instructed to capture images that truly encompass their community, with the theme of community revitalization in mind. The participants were also instructed not to delete any of the pictures they had taken.
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    Village Promenade Shark Tank Proposal Exercise
    (2022) Webster, Craig
    The immersive aspect of this semester’s class is to look at the Village Promenade Learning Lab and create an event that can use the space there for the benefit of those who are now living on the premises. This is a proposal to a real client and the winning event is intended to be run if the COVID situation permits. Satisfy the client’s needs by supplying a roadmap to success, incorporating events into the mix. There is no set number of pages or words for this proposal, as it is a creative response. The proposal should be written in ways that are understandable to those responsible at IU Medical and the Village Promenade. You should use reason and logic to guide you in terms of finding the right number of words and pages in order to make your client satisfied, showing the client clear pathways with creative concepts that are likely to help the organization to be successful and have a successful and interesting event. This includes how you envision the event space will be utilized (such as the setup on the floor) and considerations with regards to catering.
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    Sustainability Stories: Media and Mapping to Promote Awareness of Sustainable Activities
    (2022) Berlund, Adam; Kuban, Adam
    This immersive learning project creates a website featuring an interactive map that details and promotes organizations operating sustainably in Indiana. Journalism students produced original media content highlighting various organizations during fall 2021, and Geography students incorporated the media content into a publicly available online map during spring 2022.
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    Stance: An International Undergraduate Journal
    (2022) Hamilton, Emma; Concepción, David W.; Freiburger, Gatlin; Georgi, Grace; Gray, Parker; Johnson, Rachel; Lopez, Brianna; Brock, Benjamin; Green, Griffin; Lozano, Isabel; Miller, Melanie; Nicholson, Jozie; Arnold, Logan; Kirkpatrick, Meghan; Loth, Allison; Reinoehl, Isaac; Totten, Ashleigh
    Stance: An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal aims to enrich student learning by providing an opportunity for undergraduate students to have their original, scholarly work reviewed by and published in a peer-reviewed academic journal. Stance is produced and edited entirely by undergraduate students, for undergraduate students.
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    U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Design and Build Challenge Spring 2022
    (2022) Harwood, Pam; Grootaert, Steven; Garduno, Alejandra Lagunas; Rheinheimer, Emily; Shetty, Shraddha; Wilson, Isaac; Elboraei, Nourhan; Archer, Mitchell; Barnhart, Savannah; Buening, Noah; Johnson, Kendall; Martella, Matt; Sarkar, Soumi; Collins, Tom; German, Carolyn; Fruchey, Dylan; Mote, Tanner; Timmons, Kayleigh; Hegbli, Emily; Murawski, Jessica; Zoran, Paige; Scott, Amber; Bone, Sara; Janik, Allison; Marlowe, Chris; Rice, Bailey; Miller, Melanie; Thurlow, Claire; Oeth, Keller; Nespo, Drayson; Getz, Morgan; Martin, Eva; Gobrogge, Kaitlin; Attallah, Sherif; Larkins, Autumn; Graff, Robert; Alfaro, Sarah; Johnson, Hailey; Strachan, Addison; Mikel, Addy; Weigel, Audrey; Seiber, Nik; Rajani, Shabnam
    Located in Muncie, Indiana, Ball State prides itself on being a student-centered, community- engaged, and sustainability focused public research university. Ball State transforms entrepreneurial learners into impactful leaders committed to improving the quality of life for all. Ball State’s innovative commitment to sustainability has fueled the creation of the nation’s largest ground source, closed-loop district heating/cooling system, benefiting the University financially and the environment positively. As the campus continues to expand, all new construction is required to be LEED certified. Each year, Ball State initiates a diverse range of immersive learning projects that engage students with organizational partners and residents throughout the local community. This is an Exhibit celebrating the hard work that students, faculty, industry partners, and volunteers have put into this competition. Help us celebrate the Office Building Design team, Education Building Design team and Build Challenge team!