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    EBook Proof of Concept
    (2014-09-08) Bohnert, Katie; Library Information Technology Services
    This file contains 3 filetypes commonly used for eBooks - PDF, ePub, and mobi (kindle format).
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    EPub Proof of Concept
    (2014-06-19) Bohnert, Kathryn
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    Simple Staff Scheduler 2 Desktop Application
    (2013-05-01) Godsey, John; Sprowl, Tim; Ball State University Libraries
    The software The Simple Staff Scheduler 2, is a Windows application used in the Ball State University Libraries’ Information Services unit to manage the Reference Desk Schedule. New features include a default template that preserves shifts that repeat week after week, less operator clicking to add or change schedule or personnel information, and a more user-friendly layout with cleaner options buttons. The utility operates out of a single folder and will run on any Windows 7 Desktop. Installation is as easy as copying a folder containing the program and support files to the desktop and running the program.
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    EPrints as the Cardinal Scholar Institutional Repository at Ball State University
    (2008-10-18) Faust, Bradley
    Presentation slides for a discussion of the Cardinal Scholar institutional repository system at the Ball State University Libraries at LITA National Forum 2008.
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    Using Virtual Servers to Expand Services and Test New Programs in the Ball State University Libraries
    (2009-02) Faust, Bradley; Wibowo, Budi
    The University Libraries began experimenting with virtual server technology in late 2006 as an opportunity to increase server resource availability without investing in additional physical servers. Earlier that year, Microsoft announced that its Virtual Server 2005 was available for free.