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    A Place for Health
    (2016-09-25) Ellery, Jane; Community Wellbeing Knowledge Group/Project for Public Spaces
    This document contains data highlights from the 75 minute workshop conducted at the Placemaking Leadership Forum in Vancouver, British Columbia on September 16, 2016. It offers a representation of the ideas that emerged during the discussion and consensus building processes. Presented here is the information reported on the recording sheets and posted on the flip charts at each table, as well as the information that participants shared on the flip chart sheets as they entered the room at the beginning of the session. All of the individual forms collected during the session are still undergoing compilation and analysis, and the findings will be reported in a future document. Please note that this information represents views provided by participants, and it offers us insight into some of the key areas that we should be considering as we continue to: • Make a case for linking PLACE and HEALTH • Encourage conversations and actions related to helping us to better understand the link between Place and Health • Better communicate about the link between Place and Health • Take action to positively impact community wellbeing through place-led change efforts. Information outlining the workshop agenda and processes, the notes and slides for the workshop presentations, and the forms used to facilitate workshop interactions are offered in the Appendix.
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    2016-2017 End of Academic Year Report - July 2017
    (2017-07-11) Ellery, Jane; Community Wellbeing Knowledge Group
    As the Community Wellbeing Knowledge Group completes its fourth year, the vision of community-campus partnerships to enhance Community Wellbeing continues to serve as the driving force. During the first year (2013-2014) we convened both internal and external partners (February 2014), coordinated working sessions for the inaugural Primacy of Place Conference (September 2013), developed a database of resources, and started our TED Coffee Chat weekly networking/learning series (October 2013). During our second year, we again coordinated a wellness-related session at the Primacy of Place Conference (October 2014) and facilitated multiple internal and external partner conversations. Our third year found us shifting from a state-wide focus to begin concentrating on East-Central Indiana. This change led to the emergence of a new Faculty Learning Community on Community Engagement on campus and brought new local partners into a December (2015) convening. This report summarizes events from year four (2016-2017) and highlights plans for year five (2017-2018).