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    Leadership for the Information Renaissance: Clarity, Challenges, Opportunity
    (2006) Gillette, Jay Edwin
    This article discusses a new view of leadership in the context of ―the information renaissance.‖ The article describes and clarifies the current era as a historical period, beyond the information revolution, that most resembles the dynamic and challenges of the European renaissance. Recognizing parallels and characteristics helps leaders understand the era’s serious challenges and develop its historic opportunities. Using expertise in information networking as its basis—the movement and use of information—individuals need to develop a leadership model based on the role of renaissance man and renaissance woman, and organizations need to add knowledge-value to everything they touch. Despite the era’s paradoxes and risks, leadership approaches like these enable individuals and organizations to succeed and prosper in the information renaissance. The article is in five main sections: 1. Context of the era—Information Renaissance; 2. Characteristics of the European and Information Renaissances; 3. Information Renaissance Success for Individuals and Organizations; 4. Information Networking as the key component in a Knowledge Society; 5. Conclusions and Recommendations. The primary audience for the article is management and knowledge workers with functional, research & development, or technical roles. The article’s objective is to assist managers and knowledge workers , in knowledge-driven organizations, to develop realistic career and organizational strategies appropriate for the challenges of the information renaissance era.