Resilient design : an ecological approach to coastal flooding mitigation

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dc.contributor.advisor Bussiere, Simon M. Creasy, Shannon R. 2012-09-17T10:49:52Z 2012-09-17T10:49:52Z 2012-05-07 2012-05-07
dc.identifier.other A344
dc.description.abstract Since the 19th century, the likes of Thoreau, Olmsted, and Muir have been warning about the inevitable ramifications of human abuse of landscapes. Although we have come a long way since then, today's threats of climate change hazards combined with the continuous negative anthropogenic actions towards the natural landscape systems have created a dire need for change in the way we relate to the landscape. The purpose of this project is to explore themes relating to how intense static human development can work with rather than against dynamic natural systems while still providing a high quality of life. This project looks specifically at resilient design and mitigation relating to flooding of coastal areas in the United States. The concentration and number of people and structures has increased along the nation's coasts due to high value property and aesthetic significance. However, this type of development and dense concentration leads to environmental degradation of natural systems and puts a high demand on the carrying capacity of the fragile coastal areas. This proposal encourages designers to look at different methods to approach development in these vulnerable areas while still allowing natural systems to work as nature wants. This will be accomplished through the design of an ecologically based landscape plan in a densely populated urban park for the city of Miami, Florida. Ecological based designs will be implemented to increase the quality of water on site, habitat for marine and wildlife around the site, and serve as an example of how ecological designs can still relate to urban areas. Extensive review of available research, case studies like that of the Toronto Riverfront, and analysis will conclude in a master plan of resilient design to mitigate the threat of flooding on site while increasing quality of life for users as well as the natural environment.
dc.description.sponsorship Honors College
dc.subject.lcsh Landscape architecture.
dc.title Resilient design : an ecological approach to coastal flooding mitigation en_US
dc.type Undergraduate senior honors thesis. Thesis (B.?.)

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