Muncie Power Product Business Plan: Community Involvement

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Show simple item record Bowers, Katie Lauer, Laura 2013 en_US 2014-05-22T17:24:00Z 2014-05-22T17:24:00Z 2013-04
dc.description The Community Engagement Initiative was highlighted in this proposed business plan. en_US
dc.description.abstract Wellness programs are now a familiar aspect of a workplace because employers understand the importance of employee health and wellbeing. Employers should create an environment that is supportive of improving their employees’ holistic wellbeing. Because there are many different ways to improve upon the dimensions of wellbeing, a wellness program must involve a variety of initiatives. Muncie Power Products has partnered with the Fisher Institute graduate students to expand on their wellness initiatives. One area of wellbeing the employees expressed interest in was volunteering for a community organization or giving back to their respective communities. Volunteering has many perceived benefits for people such as improved emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing, less stress, engaged and involved in taking care of their health, deeper connection to their community, and sense of purpose. These benefits carry over to the workplace with each individual. Better yet, employees who volunteer are more likely to have refined job skills, people and teamwork skills, and time management skills. Employees who volunteer together also have stronger, more collaborative relationships. en_US
dc.subject Wellness en_US
dc.subject Business Plan en_US
dc.subject Class Project en_US
dc.subject Community Engagement en_US
dc.subject Workplace en_US
dc.title Muncie Power Product Business Plan: Community Involvement en_US
dc.type Proposal en_US
dc.type Report en_US
dc.contributor.corporatename Collaborative Community Work en_US
dc.contributor.corporatename Student Work en_US

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