Family Stigma and Caregiver Burden Presentation

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dc.description.abstract The effect of stigma on the burden of those who are caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has yet to receive theoretical and empirical testing. The burden that caregivers may feel can be physical, psychological, emotional, social, or financial. This PowerPoint is based off of an article that compared the stigma and burden that families of Alzheimer’s disease receive to the families of those with a mental illness. There are three different factors that can influence the burden: characteristics of the caregiver, characteristics of the person with dementia, and characteristics of the context of the caregiving. The article found that family stigma may prevent caregivers from seeking services that could possibly help reduce the burden they may feel from caregiving. Three different dimensions define the stigma: caregiver stigma, lay public stigma, and structural stigma. The purpose of the study that was conducted was to find out if family stigma is a predictor of caregiver burden in relation to Alzheimer’s disease. The findings from this study show that caregiver stigma increases the burden for caregivers of those with AD. Based on the knowledge that was found, psychosocial interventions should target the stigmatic beliefs in order to reduce the burden that caregivers feel. en_US
dc.subject Class Project en_US
dc.subject Gerontology en_US
dc.subject Stigma en_US
dc.subject Burden en_US
dc.subject Caregivers en_US
dc.subject Alzheimer's Disease en_US
dc.title Family Stigma and Caregiver Burden Presentation en_US
dc.type Presentation en_US
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dc.description.notes Key Points for Discussion: • Define stigma and burden • Explain the dimensions of stigma • Talk about the purpose, method, and results of the study • Discuss the limitations of the study • Explain what’s next for the future of this topic en_US
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