WeCare Indiana Strategic Communications Plan

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dc.contributor.advisor McDonald, Becky A.
dc.contributor.author George, Sally (Sally Jo)
dc.date.accessioned 2015-07-15T18:22:31Z
dc.date.available 2015-07-15T18:22:31Z
dc.date.issued 2015-05
dc.identifier.other A-364
dc.identifier.uri http://cardinalscholar.bsu.edu/handle/123456789/199791
dc.description.abstract In order to relate my honors thesis to my major and the job market I am entering, I decided to go about making a strategic plan for the client WeCare Indiana. To assist with this, I volunteered in my campaigns class to be the main contact for Dr. Rachel Umoren, a representative for WeCare and a pediatrician at Ball Memorial Hospital. To begin this process, I set up a client intake discussion with Dr. Umoren. During our first discussion, Dr. Umoren had Ian Garden, a first year medical student working to assist in researching the text-messaging program, get on a conference call with us to begin the client intake process. During the call, Dr. Umoren and Gardner explained both WeCare Indiana's goals and their personal involvement with the program. In our discussion, I walked through some basic questions both campaign groups had for the client to get a better understanding of the program. What I found during this initial discussion was that WeCare Indiana had been working to develop culturally relevant messaging by producing two sets of flyers targeted at both African American moms and Caucasian parents. Dr. Umoren also explained that the organization was looking to reach out to Hispanic parents by translating the information on the promotional materials into Spanish. Because the WeCare Indiana landing page had a lack of information on the program, I asked Dr. Umoren and Garden to walk me through the way the program was being promoted prior to our suggestions. Dr. Umoren and Garden explained that the current way participants were finding out about the text messaging program was after being informed of the resource during their first visit at Open Door. In addition to walking through their promotional efforts, Dr. Umoren explained that prior to this project, WeCare Indiana's community action team was distributing a majority of the promotional materials at Ball Memorial and completing the sign-up process, I asked Dr. Umoren for access to WeCare Indiana's Google Analytics data. Unfortunately, she informed me they were currently unable to provide this information, but expressed interest in doing so in the near future. The current analysis used throughout this plan walks through the survey information gathered from Gardner after interviewing patients at the Open Door clinic. Dr. Umoren stated in our client discussion that she was looking for social media suggestions and tips Throughout the planning process so she and her team could test out some new ideas. While my group gave several examples in our campaign book, you can also find additional examples and suggestions I created to contribute to this process at the end of the strategic plan. While WeCare Indiana is just now getting started, the organization has a lot of room for growth. Dr. Umoren, for example, expressed interest in accomplishing 1,000 additional sign-ups for the text-messaging program within the next year after some of the ideas in this' plan were implemented. Throughout this plan are suggestions on other ways to reach WeCare Indiana's target market and increase awareness of the program as well as examples of tactical ways the goals can be carried out. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Honors College en_US
dc.subject.lcsh Journalism.
dc.title WeCare Indiana Strategic Communications Plan en_US
dc.type Undergraduate senior honors thesis.
dc.description.degree Thesis (B.?) en_US
dc.identifier.cardcat-url http://liblink.bsu.edu/catkey/1777346

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