Effect of acidity on the viscosity of thickened liquids

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dc.contributor.advisor Ewing, Mary J.
dc.contributor.author Bartholomew, Ryan
dc.date.accessioned 2019-04-05T14:29:43Z
dc.date.available 2019-04-05T14:29:43Z
dc.date.issued 2018-05
dc.identifier.other A-389
dc.identifier.uri http://cardinalscholar.bsu.edu/handle/123456789/201529
dc.description.abstract The research in this thesis aimed to help adult patients suffering from Dysphagia by establishing what relationships, if any, there were, between the pH value of a liquid and by how quickly or how much it thickened. One area of study where more research could be helpful was that of pH values (acidity) as it could help Speech Language Pathologists better recommend what liquids dysphagia patients thicken and consume. To determine possible relationships, the viscosities of thickened liquids with low pH values were compared against the viscosities of thickened liquids with high pH values. The viscosities of liquids with higher pH values from both less acidic liquids and liquids that had calcium carbonate added to them were compared against the viscosities of liquids with lower pH values. After comparisons were done, the viscosities of the thickened liquids were determined to increase, decrease, stay the same or yield inconsistent results as the pH values increased. These results were then generalized to determine if there were any relationships between acidity and the viscosity of thickened liquids and, if so, what those relationships were. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Honors College
dc.subject.lcsh Speech disorders.
dc.title Effect of acidity on the viscosity of thickened liquids en_US
dc.type Undergraduate senior honors thesis.
dc.description.degree Thesis (B.?) en_US

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