An interconnected phenomenological experience of a human being

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dc.contributor.advisor Bell, Vance A. Aréchiga, Karina 2019-04-08T13:26:32Z 2019-04-08T13:26:32Z 2018-05
dc.identifier.other A-390
dc.description.abstract Human beings are highly complex social creatures; we create intricate systems of communication that are constantly evolving due to ever growing need to be in a constant state of connection. Humans may have the ability to survive in solitary situations, but will thrive when connections are established with other beings. This interconnectivity allows humans to create an environment in which learning becomes an intricate system that is constantly growing by building upon past knowledge; therefore, surpass the knowledge of The Individual rather than participate as a portion of an expanding, collective System. However, as humans, we invent boundaries for several reasons, thus hindering the interconnected, conscious experience and yielding a skewed phenomenological view of life. When humans place personal limitations, it both over-simplifies and further complicates that individual's experiences. "Labels" may help classify items, emotions, situations, other individuals, and experiences; however, the act of classifying undoubtedly creates restrictions. Be that as it may, humans are inclined in their usage because these self-fabricated distinctions provide a sense of familiarity and comfort due to maintaining a status quo that is so deeply ingrained into human nature. When an individual or situation contradicts our personalized labels, the unknown may create a moment of chaos within our "carefully-controlled" world. I believe that our ever-growing list of "labels" have contrived an environment of sequestered, diminutive social circles impacting the uniquely connective experience we share as human beings. Through an individualized analysis of the experiences of a single human within several stages of life, I devise a public viewing with the visual manifestation of aforementioned experiences. The visuals are created using several fine arts mediums, such as paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures. A public viewing is essential to my interactive creative project due to the desired end result: demonstrating that despite the more superficial commonalities amongst us as individuals, our masked self and past experiences may connect us to a greater and deeper extent than we may presume. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Honors College
dc.subject.lcsh Human beings.
dc.title An interconnected phenomenological experience of a human being en_US
dc.title.alternative Interconnected human experience en_US
dc.type Undergraduate senior honors thesis. Thesis (B.?) en_US

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