A guide to courseware authoring options in ESL/FL instruction

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Hampson, Sandra L.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of English
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The purpose of the information both presented and compiled in this pamphlet is to acquaint instructors of foreign languages and instructors of English as a Foreign Language with some of the presently available options in an author-oriented courseware (course software) environment. This study not only provides a discussion of currently favored authoring strategies and software applications, but also affords convenient exposure, and accessibility, to the host of practicable resources and products. The information has been formatted into an author's registry, and is intended, primarily, to assist those who at once have little or no computer programming experience, yet wish to create and incorporate their own software into the language courses they teach. The intent of the author is, therefore, to provide a fundamental overview, rather than a specialist analysis, of courseware choices.