Life science curricular materials for the slow learner at the ninth grade level

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Martin, Franklin M. (Franklin Magnes), 1936-
Nisbet, Jerry J.
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
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Much work has been accomplished in the preparation of life science curricular materials for average and above average students at the secondary level; however, very little has been prepared for slow learners. The number of slow learners attending the public schools is substantial enough to have encouraged many public schools to establish homogeneously grouped classes specifically for these students. With the establishment of special classes for slow learners the need for materials specifically de. signed for these students becomes apparent.In answer to this need the present research undertaking was instituted. The research focused upon the development and testing of an eight-week unit of study in life science and evolved through three phases: (1) preparation, writing, and assembly of a student text and a teacher's handbook; (2) preliminary testing during a pilot study; and (3) comprehensive testing with five classes of homogeneously grouped slow learners.