The development of a curriculum guide for Afro-Asian history in secondary social studies education

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Morrow, Silas Rex
Marek, Rosanne J.
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
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Recent problems in global affairs have prompted social scientists to note that Americans' awareness of foreign culture and civilization is drastically underdeveloped. order to promote greater world understanding, especially the United States focal position in an expanding globalinterdependent society, educators are advocating a broader global education curriculum in the secondary schools.It was the intent of this research to provide secondary school teachers of the social studies a more balanced curricular approach to the teaching of global history. In an effort to assist social studies teachers of history, the study presented behaviorally stated objectives providing for cognitive and affective learning and psychomotor skills. The study also presented a narrative outline of the history of African and Asian civilizations, with student activities, term identification and textbook cross referencing. The activities included and those listed under selected resource materials were designed to promote higher level thinking, while providing motivating activities for developing student interest.This study would provide educators with the opportunity to effect a more balanced global perspective in the social studies classroom. In order to accomplish the goal of understanding the United States' membership in a growing global interdependent community, American youth must learn and acquire a knowledge of the varied cultures and civilizations that compose world society.