The role of the new muckrakers

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Goldstein, Pamela G., 1949-
Ingelhart, Louis E. (Louis Edward)
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This thesis identifies some of the new muckraking journalists writing for American newspapers and the role they are playing in the 1970's. To identify the modern muckrakers, questionnaires were sent to 50 newspaper journalists asking them-to define the term, discuss who's muckraking today and whether or not they consider themselves muckrakers. An additional 100 questionnaires were sent to all U.S. Senators asking them if newspapers in their state indulge in muckraking, character assassination and trial by newspaper. If so, they were asked to identify the newspaper, specific examples and name those reporters doing the muckraking. Senators were asked not to identify themselves on the returned questionnaire.As the result of this thesis it has been determined that muckraking is a bona fide practice today. However, many of those participating in this type of journalism prefer to call it investigative reporting. It was also determined that U.S. Senators are reluctant to make their views on the subject known, as only a small percentage answered the questionnaire.