Managing volunteers : a study of district operation in the Boy Scouts of America

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McColley, John C.
Rouse, John E. (John Edward), 1942-
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Thesis (M.P.A.)
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This thesis has explored the balanced management of a value-based, non-profit organization. The District operation of the Boy Scouts of America has been used as the basis of the study. The conflict between values, structure, and results has been discussed in relation to models of structural, scientific, human, and integrative approaches to management. A balanced, rational management system has been explored.The central problem was how to provide a value-based volunteer organization with an effective management system that will achieve program results. The value and significance of the problem arose from the increasing use of volunteers to meet social needs. The method used was a review of selected literature, documents, interviews, and the results of a survey of District-serving professionals in the Boy Scouts of America.