A visual study of Indiana's landscape

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Chak, Chung-Ho
Marshall, Nina B.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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The purpose of this Creative Project was to create and analyze the student's art work,which was finished within the academic year 1985-86, at Ball State University. Due to the difference in geographical features between Indiana and Hong Kong (where the student originally came from), the attitude and approach of the student towards painting was affected. This paper traced and identified how and where his works of art changed.The whole analysis was based on three major pieces. They were Frankton I, A Cold Summer, Frankton II and LandscaDe VI (which was a landscape of Muncie). These three works were oil paintings. The student also used some of the preparatory watercolor sketches that he made to help describe the different developing stages of his art. During the analysis, technical aspects of handling oil paint were discussed too.