A recommended curriculum development model for "Centro de investigacion y docencia en educacion" (CIDE), National University of Costa Rica

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Barquero, Lucy
Thompson, Jay C.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Center for Lifelong Education
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The purpose of this study was to design a development model of a process for developing, introducing, and implementing innovative curricula at the community university level. Focusing on higher education, the study examined a comprehensive, systems-based model to determine the extent to which it identified current curriculum and instruction development practices.The study involved four major parts: 1) a series of interviews with teachers and administrators of Ball State, 2) a review of literature about curriculum development to synthesize the material and information collected, and to use it as a base for designing a curriculum model, 3) a set of nine questionnaires sent to teacher and administrators of CIDE (Center for Research and Teaching in Education) at the National University-Costa Rica, 4) a model design which exemplified steps useful to the process of implementation and evaluation.The study illustrates and examines a variety of experiences and problems related to curriculum development. Suggested solutions which will be of interest to both institutional planners and faculty members are given throughout the study. The research suggests a framework for understanding the role of curriculum development in education and for demonstrating how the changes contribute to the quality of the program as a tool in the educational process.This model is based on the combination of organizational and instructional curriculum development with research being an integral part of each area. For any institution wishing to implement innovations suggested by this study, the model should be viewed as flexible and adaptable.Ball State UniversityMuncie, IN 57406