Assessment of attitudes, behaviors, knowledge and perceptions of educational needs of the insulin-dependent diabetic college student

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Selegean, Ann M.
Bock, William, 1933-
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Physiology and Health Science
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One-hundred and thirty two insulin-dependent diabetic college students in the state of Indiana comprised the study sample. Within this study, the attitudes, behaviors, knowledge and perceived educational needs were assessed from the sample through a questionnaire. The college students with diabetes who were currently attending either one of the participating sixteen schools or under the care of one physician participating in this study, were voluntarily asked to respond to a 64 item questionnaire by mail. A 53 percent (70 of 132) response rate was achieved. The findings showed that the subjects displayed positive attitudes, an adequate knowledge level and adequate behavior practices. The results also revealed a need for educational programs aimed specifically towards the college student with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Such an education program would include topics which the subjects rated as being of importance to them. Considerations for further study include the effect of these behaviors, attitudes, knowledge levels, and perceived education needs directly on blood glucose control.