An historical investigation of Constantin Brancusi

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Romay, James Henry
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Thesis (M.A.E.)
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The purpose of this paper has been to give an accurate historical account of Constantin Brancusi's life. Termed the "father of modern sculpture", Branousi was enigmatic to the general population due to the fact that material on his life was scarce, difficult to find and contradictory. The unfortunate circumstance can only be corrected by an intensive study of Brancusi's life by using all available writings. Historically speaking it is important to get an accurate understanding of this man. The investigation will facilitate in the understanding of "modern art" that developedaround the turn of the century and afterward. Some writing on Brancusi, not based on fact, has already developed into a legend making it difficult to get an accurate understanding of him.Source material has not agreed on details. Periodicals have disagreed with major writings. However, it has been the attempt of the writer to obtain an understanding of the real Constantin Branousi which is not "colored" by what was called the "Brancusi Myth". The discussion or analysis of Brancusi's sculpture and total oeuvre has been limited to the understanding of his biography.