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Pradhan, Rojal
Bagga, Jay
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Computer Science
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The main goal of this research is to develop an information base for learning and referencing graph theory, integrated with tools designed to create and manipulate graphs and to illustrate execution of graph algorithms and their applications. This research is dedicated to (1) helping those who wish to find the applications for graph theory but do not want to be experts, and (2) to empower experts in graph theory with more tools to progress further, through the use of a hypertext system.The development of this application is focused on using NoteCards, a hypertext system. It provides a variety of tools for collecting, representing, managing, interrelating, and communicating ideas. It provides the user with a network of electronicnotecards interconnected by typed links, which serves as a medium in which the user can represent a collection of related ideas. This facility is the basis for the development of a graph theory information base for GraphCards.The application can be classified into two major components:A graph theory information base which will cover most of the graph theory topics and graph algorithms.A graph theory experiment tool set with facilities like the Graph editor, Graph algorithm execution and animation, searching and annotating, testing and assessment of users, etc.