Attitudes toward community policing in Middletown

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Schulz, Jeffrey T.
Hattery, Angela
Issue Date
Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Sociology
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Community policing in Middletown (Muncie, Indiana) began in 1996 with the institution of Cop Shops. Cop Shops are small satellite stations that are equipped with a telephone and an officer that works in neighborhoods that have an above average amount of crime. The officer works with residents in these neighborhoods with the goal of reducing crime in these areas. Questions were put on the 1997 Middletown Area Survey that asked the citizens of Muncie what their attitudes were toward the Muncie Police Department. Interviews were also conducted with law enforcement officers in the Muncie/Delaware County area for information regarding the type of community policing system that is practiced in Muncie. Initial findings indicate that any type of contact citizens have with the Muncie Police Department, positive or negative, result in citizens viewing the police officers more negatively than those citizens who have not had any contact with the police.