The art and craft of the interior

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Hein, Dawn M.
Spodek, Jonathan C.
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Thesis (M.S.H.P.)
Department of Architecture
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This thesis gives a voice to the call for a holistic approach to the preservation of commercial and particularly domestic architecture. Interior architecture is an important piece of the whole in need of consideration. Arts and Crafts interiors in the state of Indiana are considered in reference to this fact and the case studies chosen exemplify the connection between cultural history and the interior architecture and design.The Arts and Crafts Movement's philosophy worked to integrate the entire design with the surrounding site. The interior was the focus of the synthesized design and it is this emphasis that must be captured. The Midwest played an important role in the development of the Arts and Crafts Movement and central Indiana's interior residential architecture gives evidence to the movement's influential philosophy as well as social changes in the early twentieth century.An introduction to the Arts and Crafts Movement briefly discussing its history in England and the United States is provided as well as a discussion of the Movement's philosophy. Following the history is a chapter concerned with the Arts and Crafts influence in Indiana. Manufacturers and retailers are identified as well as products marketed. Architects and artisans are discussed. Next, a chapter identifies significant interior elements, furnishings, finishes and floor plans. Finally, four case studies are examined ranging from a self-built bungalow to an architect-designed estate. Floor plans, architectural features, and finishes are covered.