An analysis of luminosity classification of red stars using 2MASS photometric data to create an unbiased sample of red dwarf stars

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Furiak, Nicolas M.
Robertson, Thomas H. (Thomas Herbert)
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Study determined if 2MASS photometric data are reliable for luminosity classification using JHK plots of Reid and Hawley (2001). Effects of interstellar reddening on the placement of giant and dwarf data on the JIIK plot were analyzed. Dwarfs (N=54) were selected from Hipparchos and the 2MASS data reduced to an H-K range of 0.14-0.40. A disk dwarf region was identified using linear regression on the low space velocity stars. Giants selected from Volume 5 of the Michigan Catalogue of HD stars and SAG stars classified at Ball State University. They yielded 304 individual giants and 13 matches in the 0.14-0.40 H-K range respectively. The 2MASS data was reliable for luminosity classification of the SAGBSU giants. The classification of the Michigan giants was not possible due to interstellar reddening and the likely presence of faint giant companions.