Differential importance of eco-label criteria to consumers

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Rosengren, Lina
Eflin, James C.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management
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This study sought to determine differential importance of environmental criteria on product labels as judged by consumers in relation to socio-demographic factors. Five product categories and thirteen criteria were used in this study. Characterizing the `ecologically concerned consumer' may be helpful in developing market segmentation strategies. Findings from this study may provide knowledge about predictors of environmentally responsible consumption behavior. Such research may guide environmental labeling efforts to reduce environmental burdens of consumption.In this study consumers differentially endorsed ecolabel criteria. Further, differential importance was significant for gender, ethnicity, and income. Research is needed to explore the relationships between respondent demographics and eco-label criteria importance.It is necessary to consider importance of criteria to consumers. Without consumer interest, eco-labeling schemes are doomed to fail. Thus, it is recommended that ecolabeling schemes consider the importance of eco-label criteria, particularly, criteria related to social welfare.