Building on a solid foundation : the use of bricks and mortar in house foundations in colonial New England

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Hale, John P.
Swartz, B. K.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Anthropology
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This study is intended to provide the archaeologist with a solid understanding of the use of bricks and mortar in colonial New England and to examine the construction of New England colonial residential structures to determine if attributes exist that would allow the development of a regional diachronic or synchronic typology for aid in dating the structures either relatively or absolutely. This paper examines the technology involved in the produc ion of bricks and lime mortar, the construction of seventeenth and eighteenth century foundations, and the social environment that influenced the use of bricks. From the information presented in the paper, the archaeologist should gain an understanding of bricks as artifacts in the New England colonial landscape in order to improve the manner in which b licks are investigated and change the way in which archaeologists view, and therefore r -,cord information about, bricks, mortar, and foundations in Colonial New England.