Historic gas stations along U.S. 40 in Indiana

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Lankford, Susan M.
Wolner, Edward W.
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Thesis (M.S.H.P.)
Department of Architecture
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This thesis contains the results from researching historic gas stations along U.S. 40 in Indiana and from exploring the effects of the automobile and oil industries on the evolution of this building type. It reaches conclusions about how the stations in the study area differ from national design trends and from the prototypes created by major oil companies.Of the major gas station design types, only residential and oblong box stations were found in the study area. Since the other design types were common across the country, it is reasonable to assume that such structures also appeared in Indiana and have subsequently been demolished. Although not all types and styles were found in the study area, those that were found were comparable in form and design to other stations throughout the country.Ultimately, this thesis is a case study of gas stations in Indiana. It can be used to evaluate stations throughout the state and provides a framework for further research on gas stations along other Indiana highways.