Ekphrastic repast

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Young, Elizabeth L.
Christman, Jill, 1969-
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of English
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I proposed a multi-media, multi-genre project that combined visual art, creative nonfiction, poetry, and creative work. Formatted magazine-style, this work began with an invitation to a dinner that I hosted. I envisioned the dinner as a piece of performance art. That is, my guests were writers and artists, and responded to the experience of the dinner throughout the evening. In experimenting with art, words, food, and artists, I wanted to see both the process and the product, how they work by pulling out memory and emotion tied to food. Food and memory work this way. Food and art work this way. Words and art work this way. There are connections everywhere. French poet, playwright, and surrealist artist, Jacques Prevert said once that, "Taking a walk, making a movie, writing a poem...there is no difference." How right. Eating, painting, loving, writing—the beautiful things in life...there is no difference.