Comparison of nutrient data obtained through laboratory analysis with results generated by diet analysis software programs to determine a valid method for evaluating the nutrient content of select menu items at Pizza King, Inc.

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Allain, James D.
Friesen, Carol A.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
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The purpose of this research study was to test the validity of three diet analysis programs — Food Processor, Diet Analysis Plus 7.0 Online, and — by comparing results of each program to the nutrient data from an independent food science lab for menu items served at Pizza King, Inc. had a slightly higher positive correlation, as well as more nutrient values within 10% of the chemical analyses, than ESHAs Food Processor. However, due to several ancillary factors (e.g., limited data base, inability to save laboratory-obtained data into a permanent database, and the minimal cost for the program for a company the size of Pizza King), this researcher has recommended ESHA Food Processor to Pizza King for the current and future analyses of their menu items. Diet Analysis Plus 7.0 Online could not be tested because the program did not generate analyzable results.