Recycling architecture : a study of an everchanging society and its architectrure

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Peterson, Darren L.
Schaller, Arthur W.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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An ever-changing society creates the need for new facilities. Instead of burying present buildings and wasting precious and disappearing natural resources, we, as environmentally conscious people, should find ways to recycle and reuse already produced building materials, even if the building itself is lost.I propose to take an abandoned site and theoretically make it a useful area once again with limited new resources. The first facility on the site would be a research facility for the examination of the site and detailed accounting of its current resources. The facility would, like its research, take materials as much as possible from the site for its construction. Slowly, the building would be transformed into a design facility, then a construction workshop and finally a useful and permanent piece to the site; a community workshop. The facility would transform with the site and be a direct reflection of the research and construction being performed with the site’s resources. The intention of this thesis is not to invent technology for recycling building resources but to explore the character, quality and approach to design of recycled architecture and the physical product generated by this thesis, a community workshop, is not nearly as important as the process being explored. This process of architecture directed toward a sustainable future is, in fact, the product being explored by this exercise.