A step by step approach to building an Internet service provider network : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Cianciolo, Nicholas A.
Zage, Dolores M.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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With the proliferation of the Internet in universities, businesses and homes, the question of where to get Internet service has become an ever-present question. The purpose of this paper is to give step by step instructions on designing and building a computer network centered on providing dial-up Internet access for a pool of users at a small university or company. My motivation to write on this topic comes from personal experience in this area. After many hours of research, I was not able to find much published material on this specific topic. I found that each ISP (Internet Service Provider) was left to make their own path and reinvent the wheel in many cases because there was no manual or written record of anyone else's experience widely available. This was my experience as I recently endeavored to create a network for this purpose.This paper will begin with a description of the connection to the Internet necessary for a network with this purpose, and the bandwidth needed to support it. This will lead to a section on equipment needed for this network, followed by a description of the software needed to support the network, host web sites and handle services such as email and domain name service. Finally it will conclude with a brief overview of installation and setup of all necessary equipment and software.