Demonstrations to acccompany high school general chemistry course : [an honors thesis (HONRS 499)]

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Etling, Laura L.
Wile, Jay L.
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Thesis (B.?.)
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Industry is continually changing. Because of this, the focal points of science education must change also to cover the important topics in technology. These changes make it increasing difficult for textbook companies to produce an inexpensive curriculum, which will cover all the new topics flexibly enough to sufficiently cover the background material required for science education. It is therefore important for science teachers to furnish material supplementary to the text, which will cover more current topics.The goal of this portfolio is to create a working folder from which I can draw ideas for my chemistry classroom. It may also contain ideas gathered for physics, general science, or other educational topic. Often curriculums will give a lab schedule to correspond with the text. In practice however, there is often not enough time for instructors to complete the necessary reading, lecture, discussion, and lab periods when school administration procedures (announcements, attendance, etc) cut into already small class periods.I have collected a series of demonstrations and mini-labs which could be added ,to a normal class period or within a scheduled lab period which could correspond to the day's lesson. These will come from materials gathered from various other educational texts and journals.The portfolio is not a one-time project. It is a collection from a variety of sources. The portfolio can continually change to express the needs of the educator. This collection can be amended as my experience grows to include more lesson plans and perhaps even some examples of students’ own invention. The portfolio represents the topics that I intend to cover as well as options to change focus depending upon students needs.