Small town success : "how to" guide for the startup musician : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Furnivall, Craig M.
Johnson, Douglas R.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Music is all around us. It is difficult to go anywhere without hearing some form of music. Amongst all of the sounds, there are always a number of people who wish to be behind the sounds. With the widening of musical horizons for the average music listener, due to several avenues to hear various genres of music, like the internet, satellite radio, television, and many more, people are now being bombarded with the countless differences in the music world. The analysis of the current state of the music industry, coupled with the experiences and personal growth of this writer, give a testimony for passion in music and a written out path for others to consider following. There are several ways to reach different levels of success in music. Small Town Success examines one route to reach a specific level of success. This writing is compiled premature to the full amount of success that this writer wishes to achieve but is confident in the path he has chosen and where he is going. With the help of experience, the internet, four years of Ball State education, and a genuine love for music, this thesis scrutinizes the difficulty of achieving musical success and challenges the need for hopeful musicians to be located in areas of highest music traffic (los Angeles, Nashville, etc), Success can be had by anybody, anywhere, and music is the perfect platform to support this idea.