Assistance dog providers in the U.S. : the complete guide to finding a guide, hearing, or service dog, seizure alert and therapy dog providers also included : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Stiverson, Carla
Dodson, Gary N.
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Thesis (B.?.)
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This directory provides a listing of assistance dog training programs and some of the services they provide. If you are looking for an assistance dog- a guide dog, for example, we suggest that you read the preliminary topics in Part I, such as "Benefits of Getting an Assistance Dog," and then turn to the guide dog section. Providers are organized alphabetically by state and are also indicated on maps of the United States for easy geographic comparison. If you are looking for a seizure or social dog, we suggest that you read the sections in Part I and then turn to the appropriate section in Part Ill.If you have multiple disabilities, there is a column in the Index of Providers on page 110, identifying the providers that will consider applicants with additional disabilities. Some providers provide more than one type of assistance dog. See the Index of Providers for assistance in looking at the overall picture.We encourage those desiring an assistance dog or related type of dog to find the program that is best for them by contacting several providing organizations. There is variation in many aspects, such as training methods, selection of dogs, breeds used, selection of applicants, cost, training locations, waiting period, and geographical placement of dogs. Basic data are included here, but the facilities will have to be contacted for additional information. We recommend that a person consider all aspects and choose the program that is best for him or her. Choosing a providing organization is a very important decision. Keep in mind that not all assistance dog/handler teams are successful. There are always those that just do not seem to work out, though there are thousands of teams that do.For those who are interested in getting involved with the industry, we have included sections on volunteer activities, puppy raising, and making your own dog a therapy dog.The purpose of this directory is to inform individuals about available provider organizations. Although we attempt to compile a comprehensive list, there may be other programs that are not included here. We do not endorse or recommend any of the individuals or organizations listed herein. We have no control over the services provided and have no means of judging or verifying the competence of the individuals or organizations listed herein.