Comparison of interactivity between CNN and YTN : a media analysis on two interacting programs : "Rick’s list" and "Topic news."

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Yi, Jaehong
Pollard, Timothy D.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Telecommunications
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This study has presented an analytic comparison of interactivity between CNN and YTN. In the circumstance that traditional media are suffering difficulty in attracting audience, CNN and YTN adopted a timely relief to break through a slump. It was interactivity. The most authoritative and oldest news networks in each country, America and Korea, CNN and YTN began the first interactive news shows at similar time. CNN’s Rick’s List and YTN’s Topic News did interactivity with audiences in real-time. Viewer’s texting messages to specific topics were on screen and anchors responded to them. The first interactive news shows gained steady popularity even under the decreasing rating period of CNN and YTN While Rick’s List has advanced, Topic News stopped after twenty months. This study analyzed why the different results and dissimilarities have been generated in terms of culture, inveterate media custom and business circumstance.