Black male success in higher education

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Johnson, Steven T.
Bales, Vera K.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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The purpose of this creative project was to design an African American /Black Male Resource Center that fosters positive experiences for African American males at institutions of higher education that many lead to higher to retention and graduation rates. The program designed will provide flexibility for use at various institutions of higher education and could be customized to fit the individual circumstances of various campus sizes, populations, and budgetary means. To better understand the multiple challenges Black males face in higher education, a review of the literature on Black males and their journey through higher education was conducted. The literature review was composed of websites, academic journal articles, and books. After analyzing literature for best practices that support the success of African American males, three examples of best practices were identified. After information and data were collected and analyzed, they were used to develop the proposed programming model for African American males.