A study to determine the relationship between sugar-sweetened beverages and BMI in preadolescents (11-13 years)

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Zielinski, Victoria A.
Kandiah, Jayanthi
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
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The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between sugar-sweetened beverage consumption of sixth and seventh graders (ages 11 to 13) and its effect on BMI. The variables that the researcher examined were the types and amounts of sugarsweetened beverages consumed, and gender in children attending a Region 10 middle school in Burlington, Connecticut. There were six hypotheses examined in this study. The sample consisted of 61 subjects attending Har-Bur Middle School in Burlington, CT. The current investigator modified the Block Kids Food Frequency Questionnaire (Appendix D) by adding additional questions to the original Block Kids FFQ regarding sugar-sweetened beverages that were not measured on the original FFQ. Results of the study did not show statistically significant differences for any of the hypotheses regarding sugar-sweetened beverages and BMI (p > .05). However, there were tendencies for sugarsweetened beverage consumption to decrease as preadolescents aged. Also for each additional ounce of fruit drinks consumed there were increases in BMI. Further research needs to be conducted to determine the full extent of the effects of sugar-sweetened beverages on BMI in preadolescents.