Rediscovered gems

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Farley, Megan E.
Zimmerman, Christie L.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Fosse's statement provides us with the epitome of musical theatre dance. The beauty of musical theatre is that it involves ultimate multi-tasking incorporating singing, dancing, and acting all in one performance of honesty and truth. For the purposes of this thesis, we shall focus on the dance aspect of musical theatre performance. There is something so unique in every individual's movement, and so much can be told without needing to express words. Rediscovered Gems is exactly that; a way to pay tribute to the pioneers of the past and the hopes of focusing on the development of the future. These eight routines take a trip through the established history whilst living in the present. I think of it as my way of honoring the legacy ach from my perspective. My hope was to showcase a smart variety of musical theatre choreography that not only spanned different eras and styles of musical theatre, but also suited the chorus of dancers I utilized as performers.