Piano concerto number one, Heatmadah : an original work for piano and orchestra

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Xu Schott, Grace
Palmer, Robert, 1954-
Zhong, Mei
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Thesis (D.A.)
School of Music
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The purpose of this study is to create an original composition for piano and orchestra, Piano Concerto Number One, Heatmadah. While numerous compositions of piano concerti already exist, the goal of the dissertation, through the process of composing an original score, is to express new ideas based on traditional forms. This quest evokes the questioning of traditions, yet presses tightly upon the value of the individual. The first section presents a brief history of the piano concerto and introduces my piano concerto, Heatmadah. The second section discusses the significance of the study. A review of literature is investigated in the third section. The fourth section contains the methodology of my dissertation and includes discussion of preparation, orchestration, the interaction between piano and orchestra, the role of the flute and piccolo, virtuosity, and structure. The structure discussion includes a thorough analysis of how the work is put together, and is illuminated by several musical excerpts. A description of important musical traits and influences follows, including cyclical transformation, augmentation and diminution of materials, harmonic language, influence of jazz and the iconic jazz artist, influence of Ravel, and challenges and goals. I hope that my concerto will connect and resonate with both performers and audiences alike.