Aortic stiffness and age-related hearing loss in sedentary older adults

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Mudd, Courtney N.
Fleenor, Bradley S., 1977-
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Thesis (M.S.)
School of Kinesiology
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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the differences in arterial stiffness among older adults with normal hearing and hearing loss. Methods: Two separate visits were scheduled. Visit 1 was conducted at BSU Audiology Clinic to determine hearing status via audiometric tests and Visit 2 was conducted at the BSU Clinical Exercise Physiology Laboratory to assess for aortic stiffness, brachial blood pressure, body composition, and blood chemistry. Results: No differences were found in arterial stiffness between normal hearing and hearing loss groups (6.7±1.0 vs. 6.9±1.1 m/s, P>0.05) while preliminary findings show increases in central pulse pressure within the hearing loss group compared with normal hearing (42.5±7.8 vs. 32.9± 3.1 mmHg, P<0.05). Conclusion: Age-related hearing loss did not appear to have a higher arterial stiffness compared to those with normal hearing. Additionally, findings of increased central blood pressures and a relation to age-related hearing loss were presented.