An overview of wind band repertoire based on shape-note melodies and a study of works based on the tune Wondrous love

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Ivey, Stuart A.
Caneva, Thomas
Pohly, Linda, 1954-
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Thesis (D.A.)
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This study provides an overview of wind band repertoire based on shape-note melodies with a focus on the tune WONDROUS LOVE. Of the eighty-one known works for band based on shape-note tunes, thirteen are based on the tune WONDROUS LOVE, a hymn first published in William Walker’s Southern Harmony and Musicals Companion in 1840. These thirteen works are separated into chapters by grade level (Grade 2-3, Grade 3.5-4, Grade 5). In each chapter, all applicable works are discussed generally, and one representative work from each grouping is studied in greater detail – Greg Danner’s Wondrous Love, Michael Cox’s Variations on a Theme of Wondrous Love, and the first movement of Dwayne Milburn’s American Hymnsong Suite, “Prelude on ‘Wondrous Love.’” In particular, I examine the melody, harmony, instrumentation/ orchestration, and any other important compositional factors or conducting considerations in each representative work. In addition, the list of all eighty-one known works, as of publication, are included in an appendix. The intent of this study is to provide conductors a starting point for choosing repertoire based on shape-note melodies, offer composers and theorists a view into the representative works, and provide historical context for all interested in shape-note music and wind band repertoire.