Cultural chronicle: a multicultural resource for elementary teachers

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Strahm, Mikaela
Hoffman, Emily Brown
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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Multicultural education is important for students beginning in the earliest years of schooling. It must be introduced early and reinforced frequently. The teachers of these students need the appropriate knowledge, skills, and resources to implement multicultural education in their classroom. Teachers often neglect to implement multicultural education believing it is too much work or because they are afraid of making a mistake. I created a resource is to be used by elementary school teachers to assist in implementing multicultural education in their classroom. I compiled children’s books, songs, and artwork created by Black and Latinx persons. These creative works reflect the thoughts, ideas, and lives of those who created them. I created a website to be used as a supplement to multicultural education in an elementary classroom. The website created can be found at