Women's tennis collegiate coaching portfolio

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Kelley, Meghan
Johnson, James E. (Professor of Sport Administration)
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This creative project is a comprehensive overview of women’s collegiate tennis coaching, including the on-court demands and administrative considerations of the multi-faceted profession. This study is a blend of research and real-life experience to create an allencompassing portfolio that others could use to understand collegiate coaching. As a current Assistant Women’s tennis coach, I have used my everyday experiences in the office, at practice, recruiting, on match day, and interacting with the athletic department and student-athletes daily to gain insight and perspective on how to be successful. Furthermore, textbooks, documentaries, books, and interviews through my Sport Administration graduate school classes as well as my own textual and oral research on collegiate tennis coaching helped mold the perspectives exhibited in this portfolio. This project exhibits the tennis aspects of coaching, including my personal coaching philosophy, technical and tactical strategies, strength and conditioning, scouting, analysis of competition performance, and a guide to team meetings. The administrative considerations of collegiate tennis portion examined recruiting, marketing, travel, compliance, tournament directorship, budget, and institutional partnerships. While this project extensively exhibits my coaching philosophies and outlooks today, I plan to use this manual as an everevolving project, as I expect my coaching philosophies and perspectives to change over time as I work more in the industry and acquire new information.